Alignments for data interlinking: Call for contributions

Currently the linked data graph is linked at the data level (directly by addressing other resources URIs, through properties or through sameAs). Because the task is often massive, resource publishers tend to write programs for extracting these links, we call them 'link generators'. Yet, at the moment, a few tools exist which each use their own input format, that we will call 'link generator specification', or specification for short.

We would like to investigate the idea of publishing, as a kind of ontology alignments, these specification on the web. Note that the links themselves are already available through source providers or services like Publishing a high level specification of these links may have many interesting applications:

For that purpose, it is necessary that these alignments or specification could be expressed in a common language which is:

There as been several format developed with at least part of these requirements in mind (see References).

We would like to run a quick experiment during the next summer in order to evaluate primarily the feasibility of this approach and eventually the adequacy of the available formats. Our plan is the following:

So, this is where we need you: we would like every possible resource publisher in the LOD to send us a reference to their link generator specifications. We know that this will not be homogeneous nor easy to understand, but we want to confront ourselves with all this diversity. So we do not ask you to change anything, we take everything: Specialised link specification languages (e.g., Silk-SSL), RDF, SPARQL, XSLT, Perl, Java, C++, etc.

Of course, we would like to make this as open as possible and at least to return the results to the community. We have set up a web site ( about this initiative so that we can report on it, but we naturally prefer that all resources be as distributed as possible (alignments are far lighter than the data).

How to participate

We promise to issue a detailed report by the end of the summer, but it will only be interesting if there is data.


Dataset 1Dataset 2LanguageTentative alignment
Cities DBPedia Geonames Silk-LSL see here
Countries DBPedia CIA factbook Silk-LSL see here
Movies DBPedia linkedMDB Silk-LSL see here
Drugs DBPedia Drugbank Silk-LSL see here
Music artists, records and tracks Jamendo MusicBrainz LDmapper, Prolog
Research domain DBPedia TAP Knofuss, OWL see here
Research domain Sweto TAP Knofuss, OWL see here


François Scharffe and Jérôme Euzenat
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